Yes, there are rules...but they shouldn't be too hard to handle, right? Anyways, please read the rules below and make sure you abide by them as you're joining this fanlisting, and for as long as you're a member of this fanlisting, please. If you've got any questions or concerns, contact me about them. Thanks.
1. You must like teachers. Or have some respect for them, to say the least. It doesn't matter if you've talked stink about them behind their backs, or commonly growl about how much you despise them...if you, deep down, really respect or like teachers for helping you and putting up with you, etc., then this fanlisting is a nice fit for you to join.

2. You need to give your NAME, COUNTRY, and EMAIL ADDRESS (that works). These are the required information: your name so I know who to address you by, email address in case for any significant updates, and country to show how far-reaching the fanlisting is.

3. It is preferred that you provide your real name, but is not limited to such. You may go by a nickname if that floats your boat, but please keep it within reasonable means. No painfully ridiculous names with numbers and all the funky symbols and characters, please. Something like Beth, Starry, or Nightwalker is okay; but something like _H0H0m@n_, or BiT3m3!! is going a bit too far. Any submitted names like the two mentioned examples will result in an edit of the name for an easier and cleaner reference, done by me; but this does not mean I won't add you to the member list.

4. Having a site is not mandatory in joining this fanlisting. However, if you'd like to have your site listed in the fans section under you, you MUST give a link back to this fanlisting ( Text or button link is fine, either way. Please make sure that it's visible and easy or not too mind-boggling to find. And put it up before or right after you submit the join form. Also, please give me your actual URL if you're submitting it. I apologize, but I can't view any sites via short URLs, like '.tk'...

5. Please be aware of the things that won't get your site linked under your name:
- if I can't seem to find a link back to the fanlisting on your site (please don't make it too hard for me). If you're unsure of whether I'll be able to find the code or not, you could provide me the exact page of where it is in the 'comments' box.
- if your site contains pornographic, offensive, or illegal material; stuff not appropriate for people, both young and old.
- if you direct link any of the images or codes from this site (unless you happen to be hosted under the same domain); I will NOT tolerate bandwidth theft, especially when I pay for my bandwidth. Please use a free, image hosting site like Image Shack.

Yep, that's it! Go ahead and join; also grab a code if needed.