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Subject of this fanlisting is...?
This fanlisting is for fans of the RPG game Lunar Legend -- a remake of Lunar: The Silver Star Story for the GBA. Here is a description of the story obtained from the instruction booklet of the Lunar Legend game box:
The Burg village is a reclaimed land in the North. A monument in honor of the legendary Dragonmaster, Dyne, is erected on the hill just outside of the village. He died 15 years ago. A boy is standing in front of the monument, overlooking the whole world. His name is Alex. He grew up in Burg, Dyne's hometown, and dreams of one day going on an exciting journey as Dyne did.

One day, near the day of the Burg's Goddess Festival, a wizard visited Burg from the Magic City of Vane. His name is Nash. Nash asked the villagers to take him to the White Dragon Shrine in the Weird Woods. He came to Burg to take the White Dragon's trial to become the Dragonmaster.

"White Dragon Shrine," "Dragonmaster"...Nash's words attracted Alex who dreams of adventures and he could not restrain his natural curiosity.

Alex decided to go on a journey to the place where the legendary Dragon lives, with his childhood girlfriend "Luna," the son of the village chief "Ramus," mysterious creature "Nall," and the wizard "Nash." A journey to the place where Dyne took the Dragon's trial a long time ago...

A hopeful journey...
The fanlisting's title "Hopeful Journey" was given by the fanlisting's former owner, Maroon Caludin, which I do agree is a most suiting and perfect name for the fanlisting. ^_- Since in the game...well, you (as Alex) and his friends do embark on a remarkable adventure of surprises, joys, tears, opportunities, magic, fortune, and so much more! Their journey is that of hopes and dreams...such that it is possible for them to come true. =)

Personal Opinion of the Game
The first thing that really caught my eye about this game was its graphics -- I mean, come on, they're so cute!! Filled with chibi-ness and lots of colors! ^_^ What also caught my eye was the fact that it's an RPG; I'm a major fanatic of role-playing games. The different musics are also very impressive, and I found it most enjoyable to listen to them as I played the game. I also loved the battling; the different attacks and skills were cool to use! =) Overall, I had a lot of fun playing the game because of its own unique-ness in story, skills, visuals, etc. All RPGs have the basic, general idea of you (the player) being someone else in their life...but what makes each RPG special, in my opinion, is that they don't necessarily share the same story, weapons, skill, characters, visuals, and so forth.

So...just what am I saying? I'm saying I LOVE this game! ^__^

- Christine

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