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The subject of this fanlisting
This fanlisting is dedicated to Klein Kiesling, the leading character of the RPG game Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. Here is his profile (obtained from the game):
- Age: 17
- Height: 164 cm
- Weight: 52 kg
- Likes: Alchemy
- Dislikes: Being treated like a kid
- Dream: Master alchemy

And his description from the official site: www.
Main character Klein is the main character of Atelier Iris. He is from a place called Gazestein located west of the Esviore region. Klein's grandmother Daphne was a famous alchemist who taught Klein the basics of alchemy. After she passed away, Klein sets out on a journey with his Mana friend Popo. At the city of Kavoc, Klein meets Lita and the two embarks on a journey towards Avenberry: the city in the sky.

Klein is a shy person that does not openly show his emotions, but he slowly begins to overcome his shyness as he travels with Lita.

Him...an angel?
Klein is one of the very few alchemists in the game, not to mention he's on his way to discovering the secrets of such an art with your help when you play him. So since this is the case, I thought it only fitting to give him such a title: the (or an) angel of alchemy. And Klein can come off as an angelic person, since he is a kind-hearted, though rather shy person; friendly, in short. He may not be perfect, but hey, he's a good guy who cares about others and isn't a self-centered pig. Enough said...right? ;]

Personal Thoughts
I would say that Klein is my favorite character (typical, huh?) out of the rest in the whole game. He's not overly arrogant or snobby. Although he does tend to come off as a bit careless and childish in the beginning of the game, but hey, that makes him all the more funny. It's nice to know that he's not morbid or discouraging. His warm heart and innocence (however much he has) is what makes him a very likeable person, especially by people in the game. He cares very deeply for his friends, and is willing to take the risk to care also for complete strangers and make new friends. Personally, I'd be happy to have a friend like Klein; he'd be fun to talk to and hang around with. ^_-

- Christine

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