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The subject of this fanlisting
This fanlisting is dedicated to Arlin, one of the major characters in the RPG game Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. Here is his profile (obtained from the game):
- Age: 18
- Height: 171 cm
- Weight: 60 kg
- Likes: Animals
- Dislikes: Mull
- Dream: To destroy Mull

And his description from the official site: www.
Arlin is a powerful knight that recently arrived to the city of Kavoc. He is staying at Kavoc, but he has no intention of working as a Galgazit. Arlin quickly becomes famous at Kavoc, thanks to his looks and skills as a swordsman, but much about him remains a mystery. Arlin will appear before the main character who is heading for Avenberry time to time and eventually work together. Like the main character, his goal seems to be Avenberry, but no body knows why he is heading there.

Arlin is a capable knight who can make calm decisions at critical moments. He will eventually become a trusted figure in your team.

Obscure, because...?
The fanlisting's name, Obscure, was basically picked because it very much describes Arlin for a majority of the game. He's really a mysterious person with a vague past. You don't really know much about him except for the fact that he's much admired by many people in Kavoc (some of the people in town will mention him if you talk to them). But other than that, he comes off as pretty much an enigma. He mostly keeps to himself, and if he does talk or speak about something, it's mostly in concerns to the rest of your party; nothing on him. He refuses to reveal more about himself until much later on in the game.

Personal Thoughts
When I first heard the kids, and Lita, mention Arlin, all I could think was, "Arlin? Who the heck's Arlin?!" But when I first met him...man, he reminded me of Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. He's pretty much stoic, and a very serious person. He seemed like a man of very few words. I especially hated him when he kicked my butt (as I played Klein, that is) in the game--and that's before he actually joins Klein and company. Besides that, I like him very much; next to Klein that is. *wink* He can prove to be a very valuable and helpful person in your party, if you choose to use him in battle. Not to mention he is obviously smart and knowledgable, and you get to see some rare moments in the game where he shows his affectionate or kind side. I can't blame the people in Kavoc for admiring him; he sounds like a girl's dream come true. Practically perfect in every way: strong, handsome, smart, respectful and nice if you treat him the same way...now if he'd only learn to be a little less serious... But, yep: I like him. ;]

- Christine

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