Eh? What's the heck's a fanlisting?
As has nicely put it: "A fanlisting is simply an online list of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join."

What's this one about?
This fanlisting is for the All In The Family TV series, which began airing in 1971 and produced well over 100 episodes. To this day, you should still be able to see reruns of the TV show on the TV Land channel (or as far as I know). This sitcom circles around the life of the Archie Bunker (Carroll O' Connor) and his family, as they battle and overcome the many issues and stress that occurr in an everyday, normal life. A hilarious, yet sometimes serious, TV hit that many people can relate to. The Bunker family takes matters into their own hands and shows us just how they deal with it.

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Those were WHAT days?
The fanlisting name, "Those were the days...", is derived from the All In The Family opening, theme song. Unfortunately, I have yet to remember much of the song. But I have particularly remembered the words "those were the days" since it is said more than once as Archie (O' Connor), and Edith (Jean Stapleton) sing the song; the words are specifically exclaimed at the end of the opening theme. Lyrics of both the short and full version of the song can be found here: www.

Personal Views...
To be brutally honest, I didn't take much to this show at first. Archie's views and what came out of his mouth sometimes offended me. An opinionated bigot as others may say at first glances. But when you watch more of the episodes, epsecially those which come more on the serious than funny side, your negative view of Archie can drastically change. Archie and his family very much portray what real-life is like. Not some fantasy or fiction. They go through the same problems as many families and people do. Covering many situations whether they may be big or small: marriage, children, religion, politics, health, money problems, work, name it. What I especially like is how they can put so much humor into issues that we find so stressful and agonizing to deal with. It goes to show that even though things may be looking down upon you, you still need to have the courage to overcome the problems, and never turn back to hide in the shadows. Having some humorous spirit won't kill you a bit if you want to keep things, even the smallest bit, positive.

- Christine

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